Ruprecht Management is a group of small companies owned by our family as well as partnerships in Switzerland and Paraguay

About us

Ruprecht Management stands for a family that holds mayor participations of various small and medium-sized companies in Switzerland and Paraguay. Thanks to our central services as well as our strategic partnerships, we enable our companies to focus on their core businesses – satifsfying their customers.

“Each entrepreneur needs three things: a vision for his future, the drive to do anythin in his power to realize it, and the faith that the Lord will take care of the rest.”

David Ruprecht

entrepreneur and bachelor of business administration, founder of Ruprecht Management

current and former participations

years of entrepreneurial experience

ideas and visions for our future


Current Companies

Ruprecht Marketing

Advertizing agency and marketing consulting in Paraguay with a Swiss subsidiary

Our experience for your success!

Ruprecht Real Estate

Renting, sales, and administration of real estate objects in Switzerland and Paraguay

We are building trust and property!

Speedtransport Paraguay

Transportation of people and goods withing Paraguay, located in Independencia, Guaíra

Order today – get it tomorrow!

Schibli-Carnelli Ltd

Repairs of all kinds of electric machines and generators from all manufacturers

Get your repairs done within hours!

Partner Companies

5Ypsilon Service LLC

Insurance broker and tax consultant in Switzerland

Your one stop consultant!

Ideas by Sabino

Digital Marketing and ICT consulting for small businesses and clubs in the greater Zurich area

The New Way to success.advance.progress.



Headquarters in Paraguay

Ruprecht Management

Marc Oliver David Ruprecht
El Parque
Planta Urbana
5350 Col. Independencia, Guaíra



+595 (0) 983 47 00 69

Swiss Subsidiary

Ruprecht Management Switzerland

c/o M. Ruprecht
Geissbrunnenweg 37
CH-4452 Itingen



+41 61 589 67 75


+41 76 244 79 85